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Policies & Fees


Tuition: $2,000
Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M – 3:00 P.M.
Youth Program Jul 9 – Jul 20
Teen Program Jul 23 – Aug 3


Dancers must come to the studio wearing black leotard and black leggings. Warm ups can be worn over leotard for the beginning of class. Hair must be pulled back to avoid distraction. No jewelry or accessories are allowed in the studios. Appropriate shoes must be brought each day for the variety of classes offered (i.e.., ballet shoes, bare feet, sneakers, etc.).


All students participating in our Summer Program must return a Health Record Form completed by the student’s doctor/physician/health specialist by the Wednesday BEFORE the start of each respective session. Students will not be allowed to participate without a completed Health Record Form. The health form can be downloaded here.


For application to be processed, parent or guardian must read and agree the following:

Other Charges and Fees

Checks returned by the bank will incur a $35 processing fee. Please see “delinquent accounts” for additional penalty fees.
A late registration fee of 100. per child will be added to tuition if student is registered after registration deadline

Obligation for Withdrawal

In the event that a child withdraws from SSA before the commencement of respectively enrolled program, SSA will not issue any refunds unless participant is unable to attend due to serious medical illness (which must be accompanied by a doctor’s letter) or permanent relocation outside New York City (with proper accompanying documents). In the event of the latter, there will be a non-refundable $75 processing fee and days attended will be deducted accordingly from the refund if approved for withdrawal. Otherwise, there will be an additional $100 cancelation fee applied per child per cancelation transaction.

Activities and Information

Unless I provide SSA with advance written notice, the participant has permission:
a) to take part in any and all SSA activities on or off SSA property, including athletics (if any);
b) to take SSA-sponsored field trips (if any); and
c) to ride in vehicles chartered by SSA (if any).
I acknowledge and agree that not withstanding the above, I will complete and promptly return to SSA any additionally requested permission slips, release and/or medical information forms regarding the student/camper. I further agree that SSA may use the student’s name, work, portrait or likeness in connection with SSA activities or in publicizing SSA, and that, except as prohibited by law, SSA may use the student’s information and records at SSA’s discretion.

Agreement To Comply With All SSA Rules and Regulations

I understand that by signing this enrollment contract, I agree to cooperate fully with SSA (Summer at Soul Arts, a program of Sweet Soul Movement, Inc.) and to comply with all rules and regulations of SSA. I further acknowledge and agree that, in order to maintain the highest level of safety for all campers, the camper agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of SSA, and further agrees to comply with all directives of SSA administrators, faculty, and staff. I acknowledge and agree that SSA has the right to discipline, suspend, or terminate the enrollment of any participant at any time at SSA’s sole discretion. Such discipline, suspension, or termination may result where:
a) a participant fails to abide by the rules and regulations of SSA;
b) SSA determines that a participant’s conduct or performance demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to be productive within the SSA community;
c) A parent, guardian, or individual closely associated with the camper fails to cooperate with SSA or fails to abide by the rules and regulations of SSA;
d) SSA determines that the continued attendance of a participant in SSA is not in the best interest of SSA or the participant;
e) SSA determines that the continued involvement of a parent/guardian with SSA is not in the best interest of SSA or the participant.

Other Terms

I understand and agree that, at its sole discretion, SSA shall be entitled to recover from me the reasonable fees and expenses of SSA’s counsel incurred in connection with the enforcement of the terms and conditions of this contract. This contract will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of New York State without regard to that state’s conflict of law principles. I further agree that this enrollment contract contains the entire material terms and conditions and that no others will be deemed valid unless they are contained in an express writing signed by SSA and me.

General Release

I release and hold harmless Summer at Soul Arts  and SSA’s administrators, agents, representatives, and employees from all claims, damages and other liability for injury to the participant or for loss of participant’s property, where such claims, damages or other liability are not the result of gross negligence by SSA, administrators, agents, representatives, or employees.