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Soul Arts Academy is a magical place.  There is so much compassion, love and nurturing there. It feeds the children’s imaginations and their hearts and their bodies as dance and movement skills are gently woven into what is already natural to young learners. I cannot say enough good things about this special, special school.
Rachel Weiss – Parent/Actress


As a parent, and a long time member of Soul Arts Academy I can only express my deepest gratitude to such an inspirational organization. Rosie Lanziero and the faculty at SAA has brought out the best qualities in my daughter, both emotionally and physically.  We are very fortunate to have found them and will continue to grow with them.
Ellen Catini – Parent/Restauranteur


As I watch my two daughters at Soul Arts,  I see them learning more than dance and movement. I am watching them develop a deep respect and appreciation for their bodies and souls … I see them loving and encouraging individual expression — their own and that of their classmates. More than just the steps of ballet, their teachers give them pride and confidence they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
Sue Johnson – Parent/Filmmaker


Rosie Lanziero has been a crucial source of support for both my son Marcus (who is 9) and myself. In addition to arriving to the United States without any real knowledge of English, Marcus also had problems with controlling his temper. I am convinced that Marcus’ participation in Ms Lanziero’s dance/movement classes while attending the United Nations After School Program has had an incredibly positive effect on his ability to express himself verbally and physically. Ms Lanziero’s care and attention has left us with great admiration for all aspects of her work. As a parent, my greatest sense of appreciation for Ms Lanziero’s work is confirmed in the way Marcus still talks and asks about her today.
Kai Peter Stabell – Parent/UNDP Programme Analyst


I cannot recommend this stellar teacher more. Her boundless energy delights my entire family … Rosie has a remarkable gift for unlocking potential in even the youngest, shyest or most recalcitrant students – she is the best teacher my daughter has ever had.
Alyson Palmer – Parent/BETTY Band


My husband and I are both teachers. I happened to stumble on to Rosie’s Soul Arts  while checking out another class for my daughter. I watched the entire class through a CRACK in the curtains that Rosie meticulously adheres before each class to ensure that the children are able to focus undisturbed. Her rule is NO PARENTS — and I now completely understand why!! I witnessed the most amazing teacher/student relationships – hugs and high fives — EVERY single child showing complete and utter respect for their classmates and Rosie. Being a dancer myself – she is doing stuff with her kids that I haven’t seen even in 8-10 year old classes … and the best part – the kids don’t even know it! She makes it so much fun. We have come to know Rosie as our daughter is now in her 4th session — she is one of the coolest ladies we know – loving, giving, intelligent and completely determined to do and be the absolute best she can – it is rubbing off on our child – hurrayyyyy for Rosie!!
AS – Parent/Teacher


Rosie’s class has been the best one my 5-year-old son has gone to. She is amazing with the kids, and makes sure they each get the right amount of individual attention. The kids have a fun time, but they also learn about movement, spatial awareness, and many other developmental skills. They’re always using their imagination, listening to a great variety of cool music, getting totally absorbed, and laughing. I never have a problem with getting my son to go to class, he always looks forward to it! Rosie and her Soul Arts Faculty is the best!
Benny Rietveld – Parent/Santana Bassist


My child has been going to SSM Soul Arts classes for several years – they continue to be a staple in her development. Words are inadequate to describe how wonderful these classes are. I have never before known a teacher that was so tuned in to each student’s needs and style of learning. Rosie is energetic, compassionate, and extremely skilled at drawing a child’s focus and budgeting that focused time. My child learns by leaps and bounds (literally and figuratively) during each and every class. I am thrilled that Sweet Soul Movement/Soul Arts Academy keeps expanding the programming so that as my child gets older she continues to have classes available for her age group and skill level.
Anon – Parent


My 4 year old daughter is in her third session at Soul Arts Academy. She’s constantly clearing the living room floor and showing me things she learned in class – ballet positions (using the correct terms for them), yoga asanas, or simply saying “look at me, I’m a snail!” and acting out various animals (and objects) using her whole body in the most liberated and creative way.
Marnie Joyce – Parent/Photographer


THANK YOU so much … my husband and I have been so impressed with your class. We were a little worried at the first class … but 2 weeks ago he called me from the class to say how excited he was to see our daughter so engaged and then when I brought her on Saturday for the last class I saw the same thing. The pictures you sent really capture what we see and her tremendous enthusiasm for your class. I think she will have a hard time tomorrow accepting that class is over for a few weeks until the winter semester begins!
MC – Parent/Actress